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About Us

We are a team of creative developers of smart electronic "embedded" devices for the Internet of Things and for industrial control and monitoring systems.

The company was founded in mid-2016 by Jiří Merz and Zdeněk Halbich with the aim of creating a simple, affordable solution for online monitoring of electricity consumption. That's how the Eliot project came about. A small compact box, a "thing" from the Internet of Things, which, when attached to the optical port of a conventional static electricity meter, performs regular readings of consumption status and sends data about it via a low-energy wireless network LoRaWAN / NB-IoT to a cloud application.




In 2018, Eliot won the Special Award of the weekly Ekonom in the Vodafone Idea of ​​the Year innovation competition.


After the launch of the Eliot project, a number of customers turned to us with a request to develop similar devices according to their own supplied specifications. Gradually, we began to focus on innovative customer projects, not only in the field of "classic" IoT, but increasingly also in industry. It turns out that IoT technologies are widely used in many automation tasks, controlling machines and robotic systems, and especially data collection.


We do everything every day to become a respected technology company. Thanks to modern products and services, high professionalism and expertise, but also flexibility and a friendly cooperative approach to all customers.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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solutions  for  a  smarter  future

Reliable, secure and communicating devices for the Internet of Things

Control and monitoring systems for industry

Innovation engineering

Our products

Simplicity. Reliability. Safety.

Eliot: electricity consumption monitoring

Eliot is a miniature, compact, wireless, battery-powered box that periodically reads the status of electricity consumption when applied to the optical port of a conventional electricity meter. It sends this information via a low-energy radio network (LPWAN) to a web application, which then provides online users with all the information they need to effectively manage their own consumption.


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Our services

Creativity. Expertise. Professionalism

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Design of "embedded" devices for IoT


According to the specific requirements of customer requirements, we develop new products for the Internet of Things: hardware, software and mechanical design (housing). We use the latest technologies: LPWAN communication networks (LoRaWAN and NB-IoT), MESH networks, low-energy CPUs and other HW and corresponding SW components, suitable for battery-powered wireless devices. In addition to turnkey development from assignment to prototype series, we help our customers with the innovation of existing equipment and thanks to contacts with companies engaged in the production of electronics, we are also able to provide serial production.


Development of control and monitoring systems


For our customers from industry, energy and utilities, we develop customer solutions in the field of technology control, single-purpose machines, autonomous robotics and data collection, including the development of custom sensors. A natural part of all these solutions is the appropriate software, both for your own hardware (firmware) and cloud and web applications. We supply complete solutions and partial components with a defined interface. We also provide mechanical construction and PLC control in the form of subcontracting.

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Consultations and advisory services


We apply our expertise and rich experience in IoT, regulation and control technology and industrial automation in consultation with our customers who are solving or are about to solve the digitization of their production processes. We help in the design of the architecture of industrial information systems, the selection of suitable HW / SW elements and their integration.

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Contact us s.r.o.

Ceska 615/25, 463 12 Liberec  25

Czech Republic

+420 774 867 745

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